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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Basketball Wives’ Jackie Christie Defends Former Foe: ‘Draya Is A Good Parent!’

jackie christie

Basketball Wives’ Jackie Christie dishes on Draya, forgives Laura Govan and reveals there probably won’t be another season of her hit show.

CocoaFab caught up with Jackie at the LA premiere party for LA Hair at Kim Kimble’s brand new salon in Hollywood.

When asked about the backlash her costar, Draya Michele, is battling on Twitter, she quickly came to her costar’s defense.

“You know, it’s unfortunate and I feel really sorry. Knowing Draya personally, I adore her.  People say I bullied her and it was never that.  I’ve always looked at her like a little sister. I learn from her just like she learns from me,” she says of her controversial costar.

“Draya is a good parent. She really is and it’s unfortunate that stuff that was put on the internet is haunting her now.  Draya loves her baby and she’s a great mom.  She’s working hard and trying to make a living just like everyone else and I definitely support her.“

She has also moved on from last season’s drama with Laura. “The issue I had last season with Laura, I’ve forgiven her and moved on,” she says. “There are a few cast mates that I hang out with, but I don’t have any grudges against any of them.”

Even though she had made amends with her frenemies, it doesn’t look like we’ll get to see it.

“I can’t really talk about Basketball Wives.  I will let VH1 announce whatever they are gonna announce. But if in the event there is another show in the future I will definitely be a part of it.  I love it and I love working with VH1 and the girls–some of the girls.”

Although the future of her current show is uncertain, Jackie says she will be back on the small screen soon enough. “Going forward, I will always be a part of reality TV in some form. I love it and I’m gonna stay in it. I’m an oversized personality, bigger than life, and that’s who I’m gonna be.”

Even though she has starred on two shows already, she’s still a hardcore reality TV junkie at heart. “I love things that teach me, but I love the excitement of shows like Love & Hip Hop as well.  That show makes me feel like our show isn’t so wild and out the box.

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