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Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Tips On How To Get Like Her!

Jada spoke passionately about the need to end human trafficking. Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Want arms like Jada Pinkett Smith?

Follow her rules and they surely will come! The actress shared her workout tips to Facebook followers, after saying a woman approached her and asked how she got her toned arms after seeing pics of the star in a bikini.

“PUSH-UPs are my favorite exercise for my arms. You may need to start on your knees in three sets of 10. Try to work to getting off your knees and doing as many push-ups as possible a day until your arms look the way YOU want,” she writes.

She also says to do some form of working out daily.

“Do what you love with a lot of determination to reach your personal and physical goals. Remember, beauty is all about how you feel about YOU, no matter color, shape or size.”

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