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Jamie Foxx Calls Out Jay Z, Kanye At March on Washington Celebration


As one of today’s speakers for the commemoration of the March on Washington in our Nation’s Capital, actor Jamie Foxx did what he does best: impressions, jokes and dished up some serious truth.

In his 3 minute speech, the actor, wearing a suit that reminds us of his Django premier ‘fit, told a story about the time when he and his daughter first met Harry Belafonte and spoke to him about his work with the Civil Rights moments. Inspired by Belafonte’s commitment, Jamie Foxx took a few moments to speak to his celebrity peers about activism, continuing the movement, and being agents of change.

“What we need to do now, the young folks pick it up now so that when we’re 87 years old talking to the other young folks we can say it was me, Will Smith, Jay Z, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington… the list goes on. Don’t make me star preaching up here,” he said.

“Everybody my age and all of the entertainers, it’s time for us to stand up now and renew this dream.”

Foxx’s words were met with roaring applause as we’re sure many in the rainy audience remember Jay Z’s recent statements about his presence being “charity”, and the public tongue lashing that Harry Belafonte gave him.

Kerry Washington and Alicia Keys have long been political figures both in Hollywood and on the national stage, but we agree that our black male actors need to step up.

TELL US: Were Jamie Foxx’s words right on time? Will rappers like Jay and Yeezy listen?

12 Responses to “Jamie Foxx Calls Out Jay Z, Kanye At March on Washington Celebration”

  1. OoSomajaa

    Mr Foxx is 100% correct. How dare anyone with means to reach, help & save millions of brown peoples lives, just choose to nothing and let the massed parish with out even trying to help.


    I hope they do listen.  The problem is often too much money and too much power helps people to forget it can be taken just like it was given.  We must never, ever take success for granted.  We stand on the backs and shoulders of those who knew how important it is to stand together to seize liberty and then protect it.

  3. EarlLee

    Instead of Jay-Z and Kayne standing up…how about we all STAND UP!!

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  5. SandraJohnson1

    I pray that they will take heed. We must all realize that it’s not about one person. We must come together to farm a whole, being responsible for people everywhere. We must stand up to injustice, and fight for that, that which produces positive results.


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