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Why Janet Jackson’s Comeback Should Include A Role on Empire

In celebration of her 49th birthday, living legend, Janet Jackson, has just announced that she’ll be returning to music this year! The news has been met with mixed reviews, mostly from lifelong fans including Wendy Williams who are afraid that Jackson will fail in todays music market. On a recent segment of Hot Topics, Williams shared that after Jackson’s hiatus following the flop of her 2008 album, “Discipline”, it will be too hard for her to maintain in a music world ruled by Rihanna, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift.

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If Jay-Z is having trouble getting consumers to change the way they listen to music with TIDAL, then Jackson will definitely have to come with an iron clad marketing plan. We suggest it revolves less around album sales and more around aligning her image with other brands. Similar to the way Beyonce has been the recent face of Pepsi, we haven’t really seen Jackson rep anything besides a short and awkward stint with Nutri-System.

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Instead of releasing a full album, she should work no more than five singles until they’ve reached platinum status. We need a ballad reminiscent of “I Get So Lonely” a grown and sexy R&B song like “That’s The Way Love Goes” and a workout jam similar to “Pleasure Principle”. Then, whatever Janet would consider to be ‘trap’ like her “Son Of A Gun” collaboration with Missy Elliott and we know there’s a plethora of unreleased, archival, Michael Jackson music so go ahead and give us “Scream: The Sequel”.

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We’ve loved Jackson as an actress for nearly three decades since her role as Penny on Good Times. But no more Tyler Perry movies okay, Janet? Instead, Jackson needs to show that she’s on the pulse of pop culture and get Lee Daniels on the mainline. The Empire creator has not only had immense success with the series, but he’s given 44-year-old model, Naomi Campbell a whole new generation of admirers.

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Jackson could play former love interest of Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) who bails him out of jail in exchange for him resurrecting her career! She can demo new music on the show for it’s millions of viewers then release the singles on iTunes! Now that’s how you make a comeback Janet, you’re welcome!

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Catch Wendy William’s comments on the singer below. And let us know, are you here for a Janet Jackson comeback? Will you purchase her new music?

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