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Rita’s Radar: Jasmine Guy Fights Against Child Sex Trafficking

Jasmin Guy

I had a chance to attend an exclusive press conference for the Not Yours! campaign which featured the introduction of Jasmine Guy as the newly appointed spokesperson. The infamous and most memorable character from one of my favorite sitcom of the 90’s, Ms. Whitley Gilbert from A Different World, is lending her powerful voice to a campaign which helps raise awareness about the important issue of child sex trafficking and recovery. I was surprised to learn that the average age of children victimized by sex trafficking is an alarming twelve years old and that Atlanta is a primary hub for human trafficking. Founder and CEO Mona Stephen shared that her daughter had a classmate who was victimized by child sex trafficking.

Jasmine also mentioned that Jada Pinkett Smith and Alicia Keys have also spoken out on this important issue at unrelated events.

There’s a t-shirt drive that will be the main source of funding for the Not Yours! campaign  Fifty percent of the proceeds are donated to help fight child sex trafficking. Log onto to get your t-shirt and support a very worthy cause!

If you know a child that needs help make them aware that Atlanta has made all fire stations a safe haven for victims to seek help.

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