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Joe Morton SPEAKS On Playing Papa Pope & Why Kerry Washington Deserves an Emmy

Joe Morton is the character we love to hate on Scandal.

His deliciously evil portrayal of Rowan/Eli Pope keep viewers guessing what kind of curveball he will throw each week.

The actor opened up about his crazy character during an interview with TheWrap.

“The show has been written and produced by a black woman (Rhimes) who now owns Thursday nights, which is spectacular all in itself. It stars a black female and we haven’t had a black female lead on TV in 45 years. And the actual storyline itself, which takes place in Washington D.C., about a fixer who deals with Washington scandals,” he said.

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According to Morton, the show’s star, Kerry Washington, should definitely win an Emmy for playing Olivia Pope.

“I think her work is spectacular. She brings a lot to that character,” he said.

“I think Jeff Perry (Cyrus Beene) deserves an Emmy for his work on the show. He was one of the reasons I wanted to be on that show. And Bellamy Young, who really broadened and deepened the role of Mellie (Grant).”

The Emmy-winning actor also admitted that despite his amazing performance, he’s not a big fan of television.

“The last show I binged watched was “Breaking Bad.” I don’t watch a lot of television, which sounds strange for someone who works in TV. But usually when I turn the TV on I watch a movie or the news,” he said.

“But “Breaking Bad” was just an exceptional show. I think I watched about four episodes at a time with my girlfriend.”

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Although he already has a win under his belt, he’s still feeling the stress of this year’s Emmy race.

“It adds the pressure because this year they changed the rules. Last year I was up for outstanding guest performer in a television drama,” he explained.

“This year … if a guest performer does more than half the number of episodes per season they have to compete as a supporting actor. So that sort of ups the ante.”

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