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K. Michelle Expecting a Grammy Snub…More Shade To Tamar Braxton?

K. Michelle should be riding high now that her album, A Rebellious Soul, is finally out.

The Love & Hip Hop star still has some gripes and worries she won’t get the credit she deserves for her work.

“I just put out an album and it did very well,” she told Page 31. Still, she’s a little doubtful she will getthe praise she deserves from award shows like the Grammys.

“It would definitely be that. I feel like i’m not a very political artist. I just make great music for the people,” she said. “Definitely if I did not get those nods everyone would be fully aware as to why.”

Although she has been singing longer than she has been a reality star, fans have trouble making the switch and taking her seriously as a singer. “I don’t think people understand how much of a musician that I am until they get to see me in the studio,” she said.

The reality star will kickk off a cross-country tour in November. “I’m taking some amazing women with me on this tour, and you guys are going to be excited about it,” she teased

Now that she is moving to NYC, she’s making friends with fellow artists like Elle Varner and Bridget Kelley. “They were just genuine women, and we have a lot in common,” she said of the singers. “It’s good to have somebody around you that understands what you’re going through and understands your job.”

I’m thinking the “political artist” comment is another jab to Tamar Braxton since she’s constantly accusing her of manipulating sales and relying on her relationships to get ahead.

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