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UPDATE:Kanye West Attacks Photographer, Felony Suspect For Attempted Robbery


According to reports, Kanye West has attacked another photographer. This time, the rapper was swarmed by paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport, where he landed from overseas.

Sources told TMZ that the new daddy was leaving the airport with a bodyguard when an aggressive photographer sent him over the edge.  An eyewitness claims Yeezy punched the shutterbug multiple times after he refused to stop asking him questions. Paramedics and police are on the scene, but Kanye is currently out of sight.

Now he’s really a member of the Kardashian clan, as the family has had numerous run ins with the paparazzi and police, lately.

TMZ is reporting that the photographer wants to press charges and Kanye has been named a felony suspect for attempted robbery. If so, the case would be referred to the District Attorney who would decide whether or not to prosecute.

Although the pap headed to the hospital after the attack, it doesn’t look like he sustained many injuries.  The video also doesn’t seem to show Kanye throwing any punches–more like trying to wrestle the camera away from the snapper.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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