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Kanye West Goes POSTAL On Paparazzi: “It’s 4am You Fu**ing Mosquito!”

He’s at it again!

Kanye West went crazy on a paparazzi on Friday morning when he walked up the rapper’s driveway in the wee ours of the morning.

“Shut the f**k up. …Don’t say sh*t to me man. Like stop asking me questions… You out in front of my house at 4 a.m. talk bout, ‘How it’s going?’ Y’all out here…tryna make money…It’s 4 a.m. and you asking me how it’s going. You hear what I’m saying? Respect that!”

Yeezy is already embattled with the shutterbugs over an altercation at LAX airport last summer.

“What you mean relax? What you mean? Shut the f*ck up it’s 4 a.m. you blood sucking mosquito! You want me to be standing out in front of your house at 4 a.m.? You doing that to [get] more money for TMZ? You bully. You f*cking mosquito. Pick a profession with some type of respect to it,” he scolded.

Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy is hell bent on changing the laws regarding paparazzi and will stop at nothing to protect his daughter, North West, from prying eyes.

Watch the video above!

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