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Kanye West Gushes About Kim Kardashian, Vows To Change Paparazzi Laws

kim k and kanye west

Kanye West may be known for his off the cuff rants and airing of grievances, but during a recent interview with BBC on Monday, he expressed nothing but joy and happiness when he started gushing about Kim Kardashian.

“Family time – it’s what Kim gave me,” he said. “She gave me everything. She gave me a family. She gave me a support system.”

Plus, Kanye says, Kim wasn’t a golddigger.

“She was in a powerful enough situation where she could love me without asking me for money, which is really hard for me to find,” West said.

On the topic of the paparazzi, West was less sanguine – not surprisingly, given he’s been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft after allegedly attacking a videographer.

Yeezy vowed to change the paparazzi laws for his and Kim’s daughter North, so that one day she’ll get paid directly for every photo taken.

“I’m going to tell my daughter, by the time she understands what it was, ‘Man, me and your mother were in a completely different situation than you’re in,’ ” he says. “People could take pictures, people could climb over your fence, and you wouldn’t even get paid for it. You see all these checks that you getting at age 6 because people are taking your picture? … I made that happen, Nori. That’s what I’m going to tell her.”

As the interview continued, Yeezus talks fashion, creativity, God, the media – and, somewhat cryptically, the infamous Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

“To be a visionary, all you have to do is make decisions based off of your eyes instead of your ears and your memory,” he said. “So at the moment of the MTV awards, I made that decision based off of my eyes. I was like, ‘That’s not correct. That is invalid, completely invalid.’ Everybody else don’t move. That’s off their ears. … They’re enslaved.”

Read more of Kanye’s interview with BBC here.

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