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Kanye West Wants Fighter Jets To Protect His Wedding to Kim K, Plus He Talks Baby #2


Just before his LA concert, Kanye West sat down with Power 106’s Big Boy Monday morning to gush about his wedding plans, talk about how smittin he is with Kim Kardashian and the rapper also opened up about fashion and social media.

In the juicy interview, Kanye explained that he wants to use his fame and the talent he has for good. He wants to work towards being a better man, a better friend, a better person. He said it’s amazing that he can use his fame for good by meeting with the top players out there including the head of Facebook, Instagram and even president Obama. Kanye told us the “world can be saved by design” and that it can also be saved by people caring for one another.

Then Yeezy went into discussing one of his biggest challenges as a celebrity: the paparazzi. He explained that when he leaves the airport they will set him up and all he wants is to be happy. Interestingly enough, he eventually wants paparazzi to be legalized, so the people they take photos of can benefit from it too.

When asked about another baby on the way, he said that he and Kim are definitely “practicing.” When Kim was mentioned, the video clearly shows how excited and happy he becomes. He admitted to Big Boy that he was very nervous when making the call to Kris Jenner to ask for Kim’s hand in marriage and that he has the vision of “Fighter Jets” for his wedding. Read some of the best excerpts below!

On courting Kim Kardashian:

I didn’t have a phone for three years. When I got my phone it was when I saw Kim on the internet with Kris Humphries. I was trying to call her from Abu Dhabi where we were at, recording a Pusha T album.[…] I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her and I just had to wait through a bunch of relationships trying to get my chance.

On being patient and waiting for Kim to get out of her previous marriage:

Yeah I was her friend. It’s just patience. Certain things it’s like, ‘yo, this is what’s right for me’ and this is what I should be doing. You gotta speak about, express it in songs. “Lost in a World,”  I wrote this poem to her and it ended up being “Lost in a World.”

On Kim’s highly debated talent:

[…] In my industry, beauty is a talent. You know, ‘What is she talented at?’ She’s talented at being beautiful. If you go to a club and it’s a bunch of beautiful girls, you might say, ‘It’s a bunch of talent in here.’

On still calling Kim his ‘girl’ as opposed to his wife:

People used to say wife as soon as we was going out like, ‘That’s you wife, that’s your girl.’ I think once we are married. I’m going to still call her my girl ’cause it’s kinda like some people are in love but they don’t like the person they’re with. It’s something that’s very like…you could say ‘my wife’ in a negative connotation. It’s just whatever you feel like [it is.] It’s like I said before, these titles. [As long as] you know what it is, that emotional connection, that gut feeling you got.

On planning the engagement with his Donda Team:

Yeah, I planned all of that out. It’s very much a Donda exercise. I sit with my team of creatives and we’ll say, what’s the best version of this, the best version of this. How can we get this. Okay we want this, we want that.

On the details and drama behind the engagement ring:

I think Kim just knows everything.[…]It’s not a surprise.  She knew I was eventually gonna ask her to marry me, I just had to get that ring right. I worked with four different jewelers. Three rings were made, only one actually hit the finger with Lorraine [Schwartz], she came through. With the ring, I actually changed it the night before. That ring was less than four hours old by the time I gave it to her.

On being nervous during the proposal:

I was nervous a little bit. It was more with everything happening on cue.[…] They didn’t have the lights exactly like I wanted it to be. I’m arguing with the guy who put it together for me. He all, ‘It needs to be more romantic,’ I’m like, ‘It’s a baseball field. What you talking about? If I wanted it to be romantic, I would’ve went to a small restaurant or something.’ And then you know, I also gotta apologize to the race of males for turning up so much.

On who said ‘I love you’ first:

I’m sure I did.

On the wedding plans:

[The wedding will] probably be next summer. I only got two words in my mind as far as the wedding goes and that’s ‘fighter jets.’

On whether he would televise his wedding for the highest bidder:

I would take as much as possible. If you’re gonna pay me… Me and Kim are in the exploitation business. We get paid to exploit ourselves. I’mma give my daughter the opportunity to exploit [herself]. That’s why we didn’t get any money to take baby pictures. Us, if I would go perform somebody’s wedding for a million dollars and somebody wanna give me ten million for mine, I would take it.

On baby North, including does he change diapers:

See, I don’t like too many baby questions.

On whether they will have more children soon:
We gon’ practice.

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