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Kenya Moore Responds to Critics on Her Blog

Kenya Moore

For all of those who couldn’t believe what Kenya did last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta the former Miss USA wants you to hear her side… Even though I think everyone saw her “side” last night Kenya took to her Bravo blog to address her critics:

On the controversy: 

Agree or disagree, laugh or cry, hate or love… right is right and wrong is wrong. When a person deliberately maligns your reputation by starting vicious rumors about you to anyone who will listen, they are the one who has a problem.

On Phaedra’s Betrayal:

I feel Phaedra’s atrocious mischaracterizations were especially cruel considering she was the only woman on the show I confided in regarding my lifelong struggles with my family regarding this. My mother literally tried to destroy me. But I’m still here and I’m thriving. And I’m not easily broken. Being emotional at times, reactionary, or angered does not make you are chemically imbalanced. It makes you human.

On what Nene Knew:

I told NeNe beforehand that I was going to come to the event with a dramatic entrance and outfit, and as shocking as it was, NeNe could only laugh. Got to love a girl who can laugh. I’m done with this. Whether people agree with my methods or not, you cannot disagree with the validity of my truth and the facts.

On Helping Those (not herself) with Mental and Emotional Instability: 

I encourage anyone who has symptoms of depression, feelings of hopelessness, inability to focus, not taking pleasure in any activity or rarely feeling happy, extreme mood swings, violent behavior, loss of control, please do not feel afraid to seek professional help.  You do not have to suffer alone. There is help for you. Additionally, most health insurance providers pay for counseling and medical treatment and there are non profits organizations who offer free counseling as well. Here are a few links:,

Read the entire blog post here. What do you think? Was Kenya out of line for that impersonation?

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