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Kenya Moore Talks Style, Skipping Nene’s Wedding, and Eviction Updates!

kenya moore red carpet bet awards

CocoaFab caught up with Kenya Moore on the red carpet of the BET Awards and found the Gone With The Wind Fabulous reality star was having a hard time beating the heat.

“I flew in from Lagos so I slept. I had jet lag,” she said. “It was extremely hot and I went through a bout of that and now I’m better.”

Dressed in an all white gown, the former Miss USA was looking gorgeous on the star-studded carpet. “I’m not a girl who wears a lot of little mini dresses. I like glamour.  Glamour to me is long and sophisticated so that’s my style, very elegant.”

So why wasn’t Kenya and her elegant style front and center at NeNe Leakeswedding?

“I was working in Africa.” What was she working on?  “I was working.  I hosted some shows and I have some other business dealings there as well.”

So she skipped NeNe’s big day to handle super secret business in Africa? Interesting.

Glad to hear it wasn’t because she was busy packing due to her evicton, which, she says, is NOT happening.

“For the record, I have not been evicted. People like to spread lies,” she told me. “It’s part of who I am now.  It was never a part of who I was before the show.”

Sounds like someone has a case of reality show blues?

“With the show come a lot of people who will try to be evil and vindictive and lie to have their fifteen minutes or to jump on your coattails because you’re doing so well.”

According to Kenya, her landlord is just one of her many haters.

“My life is really beautiful and not everyone likes to see that but I will have my day in court next month and I’m confident that I will be successful in my counterclaim against that person.”

Sounds like someone else may be hating on Kenya as she revealed her Real Housewives of Atlanta contract has not been renewed—yet. “We’ll have to see what happens,” she says.

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