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Kenya Moore Speaks on Ratchet Reality

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Kenya Moore defended her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta when she participated in the Essence Music Festival panel discussion about negative depictions of black women on reality television.

“When people…watch our show, they identify with the women that they’re seeing,” she said.

“They’re mothers; they’re business women; they’re married, in relationships or not, and you show them in everyday circumstances, dealing with their problems and trying to navigate their lives and that’s what women identify with.”

While many viewers are upset by the constant feuding and fighting among black women on reality shows like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and almost every other ratchet reality show, Kenya says it’s all a normal part of real life.

“It’s real and sometimes it’s ugly and sometimes it’s really beautiful,” she said. 

Overall, she says she that a constant camera crew is sure to catch some unsavory moments.

“We all have those moments where we yell at our child and we lose control and we feel like the world is ending, but those moments aren’t captured on television. I think that’s the difference,” she said. “Our show is a reality show and you open yourself up to those vulnerable aspects of your life.”

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