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Kenyan Model, Malaika Firth Lands Her First Vogue Cover

Kenyan model, Malaika Firth, became Prada’s first black campaign model in approximately 20 years!

Now, she has landed the cover of the shopping issue in the November issue of Vogue UK.

She’s now being called “London’s new modeling wonder.” Even New York based fashion designer Michael Kors has given the stunning model credit where it is due.

“There’s a girl called Malaika Firth who I think is gorgeous – she’s just amazing,” Kors has said.

The 19-year-old model graces the Vogue cover in a navy military inspired coat along with tight leather pants. Although she has risen within the industry, Firth is very aware of the racial issues that hovers the fashion world.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the model spoke on her accomplishments and racial identity.

“I’m proud I’m the second black [Prada] model, but also I’m bi-racial,” said Firth.  “I find it really good that I’m not white and I’m not black,” she continued.


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