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Kerry Washington Launches Debate: Is Olivia Pope A Sidepiece?

Whatever you do, don’t call Olivia Pope a sidepiece!

Kerry Washington, who plays the conflicted Washington D.C. fixer, isn’t having it. Kerry made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, and talked about how much she loved playing the character.

“I feel like we all relate to that. We all have a job identity where we have to be in control … but then behind closed doors we’re human. I love that about her,” Kerry says of her character and her love affair with the President.

And as for Olivia Pope being a sidepiece?

“I think that’s debatable. I don’t like the expression sidepiece because I think when you call a woman a ‘piece,’ it objectifies her. But I think also: the president has said to her ‘I will leave my wife or you’ and she said no. Is she a sidepiece or is she just somebody who’s afraid to be all in? I don’t know. Only Shonda Rhimes knows!”

Tell Us: What do you Gladiators think? Is Olivia Pope a sidepiece?

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