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Khloe’ Kardashian’s Weight Loss Secrets

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It’s obvious to see that the youngest of the three Kardashian girls has significantly slimmed down.  The 28 year old reality start has lost 25 pounds.  Kardashian attributes her weight lost to exercise and healthy eating.  She reports that she tries to exercise 4 or 5 times a week.  Kardashian stated that she’d rather indulge in foods she loves and work out harder than deprive herself.  She says that moderation is the key.  Her exercise regimen includes going on hikes when she can.  Kardashian looks awesome but her weight is known to fluctuate.  Fingers crossed that this time she has created a routine that will work for her.  If there is any weight gain in the future, hopefully it will be the welcomed kind, of a new life.

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