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NEWS: Xscape’s Kiesha Miles Is ‘Pregnant & Dating’

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It seems like the ladies of Xscape have found their new niche in reality television. This time, the return to the spotlight has nothing to do with music.

Keisha Miles is the latest ex-Xscape member to jump into the reality TV world as a star of WeTV’s latest reality show, Pregnant & Dating. The 33-year-old music producer just found out she’s pregnant, but is still on the hunt for a man. “My baby’s daddy and I are just friends and we’ll never be together.” No wonder she wasn’t available to join LaTocha Scott for the Xscape reunion show for SoSo Def’s anniversary concert on R&B Divas Atlanta.

The series follows five women who are navigating the dating world while pregnant. Also on deck is Melissa Meister, a celebrity stylist who broke up with her boyfriend after finding out she was expecting.

Other cast members have some pretty sorry stories for how they found themselves in such precarious predicaments.  One especially eloquent explanation comes from Megan Aballi. “I went to Taco Tuesday, there was tequila…and then I’m pregnant.”

I’m pretty sure there were other steps involved, but blame the tequila for a fuzzy recollection. As for the baby daddy?  “I’m just not that into him.”

While the premise is perplexing to say the least, we can’t wait to see all the drama unfold when these women hit the dating scene with their baby bumps on full display.  Wonder what Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott think of their former friend’s new gig?

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