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Kim Kardashian Is Shedding The Baby Weight … But We’ll Still Have To Wait For A Sighting

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian isn’t taking a cue from Kate Middleton.

The day after Kate gave birth to her baby boy, we saw her — sans a corset! — her Prince William and their new baby boy leave the hospital.

But Kimmy Kakes is making us all wait a bit longer to see her post baby body. Still, a source reveals to People magazine that she’s already shed quite a bit just six weeks after giving birth to baby North West.  The source tells the magazine that Kim has “lost a lot of her baby weight. She’s feeling great and looking forward to getting back in shape.”

One thing that’s helping? While she’s posted up in her mother’s home, she’s eating light and healthy meals prepared by a private chef.

“She’s happy with the way she looks but she knows she still has a way to go to get her pre-baby body totally back,” the source also adds.

We’ve all heard the rumors that she’ll reveal all on Kris Jenner‘s talk show. Can you stand it?!



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