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Kris Jenner To Unveil Baby Kimye On New Talk Show?

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Rumors are swirling that Kris Jenner has plans to debut baby Kimye on her new daytime talk show.

According to reports, the momager wants her daughter, Kim Kardashian, and her beau, Kanye West to let her use the baby to bolster ratings.

When Kris attended the Daytime Emmy Awards one day after her daughter gave birth, she hinted at the idea when asked if the baby would make an appearance on her show. “You will have to watch,” she reportedly responded.

A source told,  “Kris was asked if she had any pictures of the baby, and she revealed she did, but didn’t want share with anyone. Kris was absolutely loving all of the attention she was getting, and was absolutely milking it.”

Protecting the baby’s name may all be part of Kris’ master plan.

“This could be part of the plan to generate a ton of publicity about the baby, as her name hasn’t even been revealed yet. Kanye of course has been very vocal about not wanting his daughter to be on any of the Kardashian reality shows,” a source said.

Sources say Kris will get her way no matter what, as Kim has a hard time saying “no” to her mother.

“She will make it happen. Kim has a very hard time ever saying no to her mom. She wants Kris’ talk show to be a success, and wants to help any way she possibly can. This could put Kim at odds with Kanye, but Kris isn’t worried about that. Kris knows Kim will do it in the end because she is so close to her.”

Looks like Kanye should be gearing up for another battle.

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