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Lamar Odom Responds To Drug Rumors; Says He Doesn't Have A Problem

Lamar Odom

Finally, Lamar Odom is finally having his say.

The NBA player and hubby to reality star Khloe Kardashian says in a new video obtained by TMZ that he does NOT have an issue with drug use. The interviewer asked him how he’s doing and mentions that his fans are worried about him.

Lamar responds with a “Nah, I’m good.”

The interviewer — they were at Teru Sushi in Studio City, where Lamar was with friends — pressed a bit, asking: “So you don’t have a drug problem, right?”

“No,” Lamar says, adding that he does not think he needs professional assistance.

“Life is good,” is all Lamar would ay when asked repeatedly about his personal life and rumors of drug abuse.

Before Lamar’s driver heads out, the interviewer is able to ask one more question: “Have you spoken to Khloe, man?”

“Of course! That’s my wife,” Lamar says. “Of course.”

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