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Leona Lewis on Road Rage


In an interview with UK newspaper Metro, British singer-songwriter Leona Lewis revealed: ”Most people think I’m really quiet and placid but I can be fiery. I get road rage. I can’t drive because I cuss people out. The last real outburst was a few days ago. This man called my friend, who was driving, a bitch and he got the wrath of everything that happened in my life that month. I wound down the window and shouted and screamed. I don’t think he knew who I was but looked shocked someone was being so crazy. I have to try to use calming techniques when I drive.”

Even folks without cars get fiery sometimes. A walk through Midtown Manhattan when you’re late, rushing and overpriced coffee just spilled in your bag will pedestrian rage in anybody.

The three time Grammy award nominee, who’s currently dating One Direction star Liam Payne said she never Googles herself because, “It’s good to avoid it if you want to be normal person.” Maybe she uses Bing or asks Jeeves instead.

The X Factor alum performed the latest single, Lovebird from her third studio album Glassheart on ITV’s Daybreak this morning in a silver peplum dress. Check it out below.

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