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Lil Wayne Offers Up Apology To Emmett Till Family


Lil Wayne says tells Emmett Till’s family that he’s sorry for offending them in a lyric in what Epic Records called an unauthorized remix of “Karate Chop,” which hit the internet in February.

“It has come to my attention that lyrics from my contribution to a fellow artist’s song has deeply offended your family,” Wayne wrote in the letter, which Emmett’s family released to the media. “As a father myself, I cannot imagine the pain that your family has had to endure. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge your hurt, as well as the letter you sent to me via your attorneys. Moving forward, I will not use or reference Emmett Till or the Till family in my music, especially in an inappropriate manner. I fully support Epic Record’s decision to take down the unauthorized version of the song and to not include the reference in the version that went to retail. I will not be performing the lyrics that contain that reference live and have removed them from my catalogue.”



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