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Oh Really Now? LisaRaye Shares With Us Why She's Been Hitting The Pole …!

lisaraye mccoy in dress

Let’s face it — LisaRaye is one of the hottest women on television right now.

And at 45, she’s only getting hotter.

We’ll have to wait a few more months before her hit VH1 show Single Ladies returns (it comes back in January 2014!) but the sexy and celibate stunner sat down with Cocoafab and dished on her beauty secrets, Hollywood and why she’s hitting the pole. Yes. The pole.

What’s your secret?

I feel good about the woman that I am; the woman that I’ve become. I’ve accepted my faults and looked in the mirror and said, ‘What are the things you need to change about you and where are you trying to go and what is that path?’ And ‘what is God trying to speak to you and say that you’re not listening to?’ That requires time alone, that requires time for you to hear. And sometimes it also takes a spiritual journey for someone to be able to sit you down and say, ‘Hey, here’s a couple scriptures, here’s a couple of verses, here’s a couple of people to fellowship with. Here’s your path, believe in it.’ It’s almost like, not a commitment, but a confirmation. Sometimes you know you’re supposed to be some place, but it takes somebody else to kind of push you and go, ‘Yes! You can.’ You’re like, ‘You’re damn right I can!’ And that’s where I’m at. It’s like, ‘You damn right I can!’

Was there a moment or something that happened that pushed you into that place?

I think I’m just in a more thankful and appreciative place in life. Just knowing that I want to let go of the reins and let God tell me where to go. I’m tired. I’m like, ‘You know what? I’ve been trying to do this thing myself, let me give you a shot at it; let me see what you got to bring to the table,’ and it’s just been wonderful. It’s been less stress, and you just walk lighter. I need to be lighter. I’m a leisure type of woman. I work sporadically for a reason. You see me here, you see me there, bop, bop, bop! I do that deliberately, because I don’t care to just work and grind all the time, I like to play a lot. I like to be leisure. So I feel good and the show helps me, because everyone on the show is in their 30s and I feel it! But for VH 1 to say to me, ‘No! We want you in the midst of the other two girls and on this show …’ it’s telling the audience that’s 40, that’s 50 that’s watching the show, ‘Yeah, you can look like this too! You can hang too!’ So I get a lot of older women that go, ‘Girl, you giving those 30 year-olds a run for they money!’ And my answer is like, ‘Yes, I am!’

When it comes to black women in Hollywood, 40 really is the new … hot thing …

It shows our maturity. When you have someone that’s around that has wisdom that demands and has respect automatically. And so even my set, even Single Ladies, when I walk on the set, I feel like I’m bringing all my experience to the table and that’s status and that’s to be respected. I’m a nurturer, I like to share. So I share and I’m looking at an eye that’s different than just an actress now. I’m almost behind the scenes of Single Ladies. I’m watching the directing, I’m watching the lighting, I’m watching the rehearsals, I’m watching the marks, I’m watching the girls act as they’re saying it to me and there’s a method to the madness. This is not easy. People think that you just dress up and you look cute and learn a couple lines. It’s like, Are you kidding me? I gotta know what he’s saying to me, so I gotta know his lines too. This is like a big play, but we break it up and we have like seven, eight scenes a day. That’s a lot, but it’s great for my memory. I was saying that this morning. I said, ‘You know what? This is allowing me to hone my craft, for real, because my memory is like this [snap]!’ They threw a scene at me yesterday, this production we had to do a change, a switcheroo and they…it was a three-page scene. At first I was like, For real? I mean, really? And I’m doing this in an hour? Really? But I quickly turned it around, mind over matter, and said, They must believe that I can do this and so I am. And did the hell out of it.

Physically, you did a 90 day challenge. You look great. How did that go?

I was doing this 90-day challenge with [Visalis], and they have protein drinks and supplements and … being older my skin, the elasticity in my skin, kinda changed. I started backing that thing up at the mirror and I was like, ‘Where did that cellulite come from?! I don’t want it! That ain’t sexy in a bathing suit. How do I get rid of it?’ And so I sometimes need a strong push, some motivation. So I took them on, and I wanted it to be in the vein of how people look at LisaRaye. I know people still look at LisaRaye as Diamond. And I know that pole dancing right now is very sexy for a lot of women as far as working out. So  … Hey, what if I get back in shape like I did in Players Club, and that was…such and such years ago and so I didn’t realize that really climbing that pole takes a lot of upper-body strength and a lot of core strength. And that sometimes … even the young girls, yeah, we’re hiking and we’re arobecizing and all of that, but Honey you ain’t working on that core, you ain’t doing nothing!

When I first started she was like, ‘Just lift yourself up!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m trying!’ And cut to after 90 days, I was upside down, I was twirling, I was thinking, [she starts singing] ‘I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind!’ I was able to do it. And a lot of women didn’t even know about pole dancing for just yourself, for the exercise, for the sexiness of it. And there was no mirrors in the room. It was just about feeling good about yourself, and that helped boost up my self esteem. Now, girl, I have great skin, I drink a lot of water. Sunglasses and some lip gloss, I’m good. Catch me if you can!

Single Ladies returns to VH1 in January 2014!

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