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Live from New York… It’s CocoaFab!

Lips Straight

Written by aburtmurray

Posted 11/14/12

Hello CocoaFab lovelies!

My partner, and my for real, for real ride-or-die chick Shelly Jones Jennings and I are so excited to introduce you to our new jewel: She (in my best Tamar Braxton voice) is the first site in our new digital network that gives YOU the scoop on the stars you love and the style you crave. As Tamar would say: She is EVERYTHING!

CocoaFab is your fast-paced celebrity news and style site covering urban pop culture just the way you like it. With up-to-the-minute news, exclusive interviews, fashion and beauty trends, red carpet photos, vibrant social media engagement and original weekly web series #TeamCocoaFab plugs you into the daily conversation about fashion, music, movies, TV and the stars you love.

Need a laugh or want to recap the crazy from the latest episode of RHOA? Check out our weekly web series The Countdown with Dana Johnson. Need a style makeover? Look no further than Star Style with Daisy Lewellyn. Want to party? Rita’s Radar grants your all-access pass to the hottest celeb events! Got to shop? Don’t hit the mall without watching Fab Five, our weekly roundup of the hottest new fashion trends, beauty buys and more!

Check out some of our favorite features:

  • Pop-Up Bubbles: We’ve given you control of the site. These interactive pink bubbles located at the top the navigation header function as a secondary navigation that allows you to rate and tag stories, photos, videos and see in real time how your fellow users are tagging content from “too fab” and “LOL” to “ratch” or “fail”.
  • Six original weekly web series: “The Countdown with Dana Johnson” is a weekly entertainment roundup; “Star Style with Daisy Lewellyn” is a celebrity-inspired makeover show; “Rita’s Radar” takes viewers behind the velvet rope to Atlanta’s hottest events; “Mouthing Off” is a daily roundup of the day’s most talked about topics; and “Fab Five” is a roundup of the hottest fashion, beauty, tech finds; NYC and Atlanta correspondents hit the streets of New York City and Atlanta to take their pulse on the hot topics of the day in the weekly series “Mouthing Off.” 
  • CocoaFab PhotoFlash: Who shot ya? CocoaFab has all the hottest shots in this daily photo gallery featuring exclusive photos of top celebrities, events and red carpet images. Smile!
  • Style Council: That new H&M collection? Those hot new platform stilettos? This is a fashionista’s daily roundup of the hottest news, video and photos in fashion and beauty; includes insider access to special deals and discounts.
  • What’s Trending: Chris Brown and Rihanna? Obama drama? Get your real-time roundup of the most buzz-worthy stories, photos and voices online and via social media.
  • Hot Topics: Let’s start the conversation! The daily dish on entertainment and pop culture news, videos and photos that you and your friends will be buzzing about today.
  • Mouthing Off: Scrollable roundup of the most buzzed-about celebrity comments and the story behind the buzz.
  • Street Style Look Book: Because no one rocks it like a CocoaFab woman check out this collection of hot looks curated from around the country to showcase trendsetting women just like YOU.

Shelly and I put our blood, sweat and tears (and a few tequila shots) into this site for YOU! So check us out and let us know what you think.

In the immortal words of Jay and Bey: Let’s go get ’em….

9 Responses to “Live from New York… It’s CocoaFab!”

  1. Courtnee

    LOVE the website! I’ve shared the link with fellow Spelmanites, so you’ll be getting some love from us :). Excited to see more! Congrats!

  2. Lynda T

    As usual, I am very proud of you and excited about this new venture.  This is fabulous and I know it will be a great success.  I am spreading the word!

  3. Lynda T

    As usual, I am very proud of you and excited about this new venture.  This is fabulous and I know it will be a great success.  I am spreading the word!

  4. KhemekaB

    Love the website! I am so proud of the hard work you ladies have put into the site. It was great working with you, looking forward to getting my fashion fix and everything fabulous from the site. Congrats!

  5. Gegi2u

    Great site. Love that you are at the forefront. As with all great things – the goal is to be awesome – so my suggestion – is to slow down a wee bit and get a someone to ‘spellcheck/edit/etc.’ – so you won’t be criticized when the more mainstreamers try your site. Keep up the good work. Much love & Congratulations!!

    • TeamCocoaFab

      Gegi2u Thanks so much! Appreciate the feedback. We will absolutely keep an eye out for errors!

  6. Sara81

    I heard about your site on the Steve Harvey show this morning and could not wait to get to work to log on! Great site and I will be passing it on!! Love you all and keep up the good work!!


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