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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s’ Rasheeda Dishes on Pregnancy & K. Michelle


Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta has kicked off its second season and its stars are reacting to the explosive premiere.  Rapper/wife/mom Rasheeda, has a few surprises in store as well.

She’s expecting a baby with husband, Kirk Frost, and fielding daggers from her costar, K. Michelle.  Today, the down-to-earth diva chatted exclusively with CocoaFab about her new baby, new season, and that loud-mouthed costar.

“I’m feeling good and moving around just like it’s not even happening,” she says about her bun in the oven. “I do work out while I’m pregnant and I was an avid workout person before I was pregnant; so they said I should continue to stay active.”

Although this isn’t her first trip to motherhood, Rasheeda says the experience feels brand new. “This is my second pregnancy.  My son is twelve, so it’s like starting all over again.”

Her baby bump isn’t getting in the way of her many musical endeavors or business ventures so far.  “It’s just about timing things because there are only certain things you can do while you’re big.“ One problem she continues to face are other people’s ideas of her physical limitations.

“The only thing that really pissed me off is people’s perception of a pregnant artist. They don’t want to book you or ask you to do certain things or travel, and I’m like, ‘You don’t know what the hell I wanna do!’” she says candidly. “When I was pregnant the first time, I was doing shows and flying and did everything up until I was eight months, up to the exact cut off time.”

Fans have already seen some tense scenes between Rasheeda and her hubby, who seems to question her baby’s paternity.  “I didn’t feel good about it, “ she says of the intensely private conversation being caught by cameras. “People will be able to step into the ups and downs of a marriage and a relationship of business partners.  Not the sugar-coated side we tend to get but the real side. You get to see the talk that you don’t hear that goes on behind closed doors.  At the end of the day, we’re not perfect, we’re a work in progress, our shit is dysfunctional,” she admits. “But we love each other and we have a commitment and sometimes in a marriage things are blurred, but you try to get back to that place that’s clear.“

Aside from the cameras catching very intimate, and sometimes difficult, moments, Rasheeda says there’s another not-so-fabulous downside to the cameras being around this season.

“I’ve got the fat face going on.  I’m like, Lord Have Mercy, child! But it’s a beautiful thing and you just don’t even want that to be an issue,” she says. “I want to eat what I want, when I want and not even care until after the fact.”

In the midst of her drama with Kirk, Rasheeda will likely find herself at odds with her outspoken costar, K. Michelle. “I think she just needs some guidance.  She needs help. What it’s like with her is like she done woke up and fell out the bed and bumped her head and now she’s thinking about Rasheeda again. She’s just that kind of person,” she quips. Rasheeda is actually puzzled by the singer’s hateful comments

“I ain’t never did nothing to the girl to be honest.  It just kills me when someone thinks they can say all types of things about people and just blurt out stuff, not just on me, but other people too,” she says.  “That’s the main person who has a problem with every girl on the show. But the second someone has an opinion and wants to say something about her, she just wanna go goddamn ballistic.”

As far as the reports that K. Michelle has quit the show? “I really can’t call it because I know there are things called contracts and you can’t just quit,” she says.  “There are things you put out there that are true and things that aren’t. I don’t even think it matters.”

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