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Malinda Williams’ Mane Taming #11: Create a Free and Funky Look

Written by Team CocoaFab
Posted 10/22/13

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In episode 11 of Malinda Williams DIY hair series for CocoaFab, the award-winning actress shows you how to create an edgy new look that’s all about one of her favorite words: FREEDOM. Learn how to express yourself with a carefree style that rocks!

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Episode #11: Malinda Williams Creates a Funky and Free Look

Host/Executive Producer: Malinda Williams @MalinsWorld

Executive Producers: Angela Burt-Murray @AngelaCocoaFab; Shelly Jones Jennings @SJonesJ

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One Response to “Malinda Williams’ Mane Taming #11: Create a Free and Funky Look”

  1. owalker

    Malinda I’m glad a saw your videos, I’ve decided that in 2014 I’m cutting my hair short which took a lot of me to even decide to do it, I’m constantly at the salon but you made it look very easy and if you can achieve such beautiful looks one after another it gave me up that I don’t need to run to the shop every two weeks I can achieve the styling and everything else. Now I have to find someone in san diego or los Angeles that can give me a beautiful cut to fit my face. Your very inspirational and thank you!


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