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Marlo Hampton Bites Back At NeNe Leakes, Says ‘RHOA’ Producers “Love” Her!

marlo & nene

Last week, NeNe Leakes blasted her bridesmaid, Marlo Hampton, for being “extra” and “very difficult.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star suggested her bad behavior is what has kept her from joint the hit show full-time. Now, Marlo is biting back with some revelations of her own.

“I have no husband, so I can’t even be a full-time housewife,” she told 

“There’s nothing normal about me — I love being extra and I own it,” she says. “That’s part of Marlo. Me being normal, you wouldn’t see me every week being on the show and I’m sure she wouldn’t have asked me to be in her wedding if I wasn’t extra.”

She’s also contesting Nene’s comments about her being “too difficult” to be a permanent cast member of RHOA. 

“Everyone loves my personality. The producers love me,” she said. “Which producer wouldn’t love me? It would be a fool not to, right?”

While she’s not a mainstay on the hit series, Marlo feels like an important member of the cast.

“It just would be friend of the housewives, [but] I always just say a cast member because I’m on it,” she said. “I’m being called to tape… so I would definitely say I’m a cast member with Bravo.”

She also revealed that she will be featured on the upcoming sixth season of RHOA, whether NeNe likes it or not.

“I’m taping a couple of scenes here and there,” she says. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you that, but yeah.”

Marlo doesn’t seem too bothered by her friend’s feisty comments.

“I’m different and I’m okay being different,” she said. “I’m on my own little planet and I’m fine on it.”

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