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Marlo Hampton SPEAKS On Fallout With Nene Leakes; Friendship With Kenya Moore

nene & marlo

Marlo Hampton has been dissed and dismissed by her former friend, Nene Leakes, but she’s not going down without a fight.

In a recent interview with Sister2Sister, Marlo explains how she got so chummy with Kenya Moore and accuses Nene of using her.

According to Marlo, she and Kenya hit it off immediately.

“It was just good energy. That’s when we met and I invited her to the BCBG fashion show. NeNe was coming with me originally, but she wasn’t getting into New York until the next day,” she explained.

“While we were there at the vineyard, I said, ‘Kenya, I invited NeNe to come with me to the BCBG fashion show in New York, but if she can’t make it, can you come and join me…?’ NeNe wasn’t able to make it. I texted Kenya, and she met me there.”

Marlo says she didn’t know how much animosity existed between the cast members.

“It wasn’t like they were enemies; they talked. When I went to the fashion show, come to find out [it] was a problem,” she said.

Now, Marlo says she feels used by her friend and she’s waiting for answers about what went wrong.

“I feel like I’ve been used; I really do. I was angry, but I’m hurt about it, too,” she said.

“When you felt I wasn’t marching to your beat, it’s a problem.”

Despite the fallout, Marlo says she has no regrets about befriending the beauty queen.

“I don’t feel I could have done anything different…I’m not a child. I can talk to who I want to talk to. I can be friends with who I want to be friends to as long as I’m loyal to you,”  she said.

“As long as Kenya doesn’t know any of your personal business within your household or that you share with me or me talking about you to Kenya with anything personal, there should be no problem, no issue.”

For now, Marlo is still holding out hope that she and Nene can work things out, eventually.

“I do definitely feel the fans do deserve to hear both sides. I would like to definitely sit down and talk to [NeNe]. They deserve to see what’s really going on,” she said.

“I wanna ask her myself. I’m confused. I really don’t understand.”

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