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‘Married To Medicine’ Recap: Lemon Squeeze Turns Sour

This week’s episode of Married To Medicine attempted to put an end to the drama between Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq.  Unfortunately, the well intentioned sit down ended on a sour note.

Dr. Jackie Walters is such a dedicated doctor, “Diva” or not. “Breast cancer stole my fertility, so they’re getting what I didn’t get to have,” she says.  It’s clear she is still struggling with her fertility issues, and the tough talk can’t cover up her broken heart.

She’s treating a very pregnant patient with a “Made For TV” tattoo around her belly button.  “You can see made for TV is a big hit right now,” she says of the stretched out stamp.  Hilarious.

Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband met in college at Morehouse and Spelman.  They’re hosting a homecoming celebration and invite Toya to show support “for all she has been through.”  Everyone is tired of her tears, including her husband who says he is tired of hearing about Mariah. “I just don’t want these people’s craziness to make you crazy.”  May be too late for that, Doc.  He’s saved by the bell when his pager goes off and he’s forced to head back to the hospital.

Dr. Jackie really wants to smooth things over between Mariah and Toya so she suggests an old trick from her sorority. “I’m gonna have to step up and take that matriarch role so we can all get along.”  She wants the ladies to hash out their issues behind closed doors and leave the drama behind once and for all. Toya doesn’t think much of her “lemon squeeze” idea, but agrees to the sit down anyway.

Mariah is hurt that her friends have chosen Toya’s side.  She’s hurt that nobody is offended that Toya revealed her family secret, which is crazy since she hasn’t told anyone that was the root of her issue. Maybe she’ll come clean at the lemon squeeze.

Kari Wells shows up to the lemon squeeze ready to rumble with Mariah.  She’s outraged that Mariah withdrew cash from her account after that party. The situation is instantly complicated by Jackie’s “no alcohol” rule.  None of the ladies signed up for a “dry” event, and they don’t take kindly to being controlled. Mariah is serious about wanting some wine but Jackie puts her foot down.

Kari says she didn’t kick Mariah out of the party.  She feels violated by the violence that took place at her home. Toya is expecting an apology from Mariah for “putting her hands on her.”  Mariah refuses to say she’s sorry and confronts Toya about gossiping about her daughter’s adoption. “You changed the entire outlook of a child’s life.”

She admits she spoke to her hairdresser about the adoption, but says she didn’t know it was a secret.  Kari confirms that everybody already knew about the adoption.

Mariah says she has no clue what she’s going through because she has never birthed a child.  Jackie is crushed by the low blow. “I was heartbroken.”

When Kari calls Mariah out about the cancelled payments for the party, Mariah denies everything.  Even when Kari pulls out the PayPal printouts, she won’t even look at them.  Instead, she attacks Kari’s character and a full on battle ensues between all the women.  When Toya calls Quad a puppet, all hell breaks loose and Dr. Jackie gives up. “I will not.  I cannot.  I’m out.”

Looks like the lemon squeeze was just a tease and these women will keep on fighting through next week…at least.

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