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‘Married To Medicine’ Reunion Recap: Catch That Dirt!


In the ongoing war among the ladies of Married To Medicine, Andy Cohen is clearly on the side of executive producer and Queen Bee, Mariah Huq, as he treats her as more of a co-host than a cast member during the hour-long reunion special.

Mariah kicks things off with her personalized introduction of her cast mates.  Of course, she’s complimentary of her BFF, Quad Webb-Lunceford, whom she calls “fierce, fabulous and fun-loving.”

She welcomes, “stay-at-home mom,” Toya Bush-Harris, and warns,You’re sure to see some shade when she’s around. She’s a shady tree.”

She calls Kari Wells a “cougar” even though her husband is ten years older than she is.  Catch that dirt!

Dr. Jackie Walters is calm, cool and collected throughout the heated exchanges, even when Toya let’s the B-word slip.  “She meant beach,” she said. She refuses to let Mariah talk over her and doesn’t get ruffled when she’s referred to as “Ghandi.” She also takes the high road when it comes to Mariah’s bad behavior and says she doesn’t believe there was any malicious intent. She does; however, put the Queen Bee in her place by telling her she has an inferiority complex. Catch! Catch! Catch!

Dr. Simone Whitmore is upset that Mariah thinks she chose Toya’s side.  She says she didn’t understand the root of the problem at first, but later realized how serious the subject matter was.  Mariah is unforgiving of her former friend and Simone is on the brink of tears when trying to defend herself.

Quad is convinced that Toya is obsessed with her and her marriage.  When Andy brings up her mug shot, she admits that a fight with her husband got out of hand and landed them both in jail.  She pulls out paperwork proving that Toya was arrested for a DUI.  Not once, but twice! “I’m not the only one with a mug shot!” Catch that dirt!

Another spilled secret is Mariah’s real name.  It’s Lakeisha, and she insists she hasn’t dropped it—she just won’t answer to it.

In the only moment of resolution, it’s clear the women have realized that Toya started the backyard brawl by throwing her drink at Mariah’s head. Still, she won’t admit the fight was her fault, even when Jackie tries to force her hand.

At the end of the episode, Andy brings out Mariah’s mother, Lucy.  We’ll have to wait to see what bombs she has in store when Part Two airs on tonight.

4 Responses to “‘Married To Medicine’ Reunion Recap: Catch That Dirt!”

  1. Carol Denise Mitchell

    Check your email for the best audio reviews. I dropped my Koolaide and burnt the popcorn over “Lucy”

  2. Nat033

    Dr. Jackie ruled this reunion show. She showed so much
    class, when Mariah tried to pull her into a screaming match. This reunion was
    the best; I can’t believe how much drama was filled into the first part. Normally,
    I’m working late at DISH when Married to Medicine airs. Catching up on this
    show is easy, with DISH Anywhere on my iPad. It’s so nice having access to my
    favorite shows, and watching them whenever I want. The best time for me to
    catch up on Married to Medicine, is on the long train ride into work.

  3. Carol Denise Mitchell

    Baby girl thanks for your comment. So glad U can see the review! Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. I love Dr. Jackie and all the cast except for ole Kari


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