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Matt Barnes Shares Advice For Lamar Odom: ‘Focus On Your Marriage!”

matt barnes and gloria govan

Matt Barnes may be an NBA baller, but he’s better known as being Gloria Govan‘s main squeeze on Basketball Wives L.A. 

Now that the couple have finally tied the knot, he’s dishing out some advice for his friend, Lamar Odom. 

In a recent interview with TheJasmineBrand, he gives his take on Lamar’s battle with addiction.

“I haven’t talked to Lamar for a while, but we’re good friends and I just wish him the best right now, on the friendship level, not to worry about career,” he says. “I think right now is the most important for him to focus on himself and his marriage and I’m sure he’ll be alright.”

Matt says the public has been too quick to judge and doesn’t seem convinced the drug problems are as bad as the media says.

“You know, you can never really believe what you read or what you hear. And so, I think the public is quick to jump to conclusions, what I want to say,” he says. “But like I said, he’s a good guy and I know he’ll land on his feet.”

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