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Miami Principal FIRED For Praising McKinney Police Officer on Social Media

Alberto Iber, principal of North Miami Senior High School, has been fired for publicly siding with Cpl Eric Casebolt excessive use of force on 14-year old Dajerria Becton.

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“He did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions” Iber posted this comment on his Facebook page. The result was an immediate backlash from students, colleagues and local officials.

According to the Miami Herald, one of the replies on Iber’s comments cam from Ambrose Sims, a retired African-American Miami Beach Police veteran who joined the force amidst racial tension in the city in the 80s. “Such a comment reveals to me that you’re a serious part of the problem,” Sims said.

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Iber had just concluded his first year at North Miami Senior High where his students were predominantly African American.

“Judgment is the currency of honesty,” said Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho. “Insensitivity — intentional or perceived — is both unacceptable and inconsistent with our policies, but more importantly with our expectation of common sense behavior that elevates the dignity and humanity of all, beginning with children.”

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The former principal has already spoken out in defense of his actions. “The comment I posted was simply made as the result of a short video that I watched and my personal opinion.”

“I regret that I posted the comment as it apparently became newsworthy and has apparently upset people. That was not my intention in any way” he added.

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