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CONGRATS! Michael Jordan's Daughter Jasmine COMES OUT!

jasmine jordan

After rumors began to swirl on various blog sites, Michael Jordan’s eldest daughter Jasmine has come out as a proud lesbian young woman.

Perhaps she was encouraged by EJ Johnson, Magic’s son, who came out publicly earlier this year. Hopefully Like Magic, Jasmine’s famous father will come out in support of her as well.

The 20-year old daughter of basketball great Michael Jordan took to her Instagram to address lesbian rumors being spread by MediaTakeout and other gossip sites.

“MTO has struck again!” she said in the picture caption. “Lol but just like the last time, I’m chillin and not bothered. Negativity go to the left and take a seat. No time for that! Everyone have an amazing day!” the Syracuse University senior wrote in a caption, which further addressed the rumors.

In another message she posted, “Until love, trust, honesty, respect, loyalty, commitment, genuine happiness and other characteristics or aspect I want in a relationship is defined by one gender then and only then will I discuss my sexual preference.”

We’re happy that she’s comfortable in her own skin and confident enough to take on the haters. Congrats Jasmine!


9 Responses to “CONGRATS! Michael Jordan's Daughter Jasmine COMES OUT!”

  1. JohnHask1

    ‘Congrats?’  for what?  coming out as a “lesbian” – that is idiotic.  it is perverted & stupid.   anyone with a brain & 2 eyeballs can see that women were made for men and men for women.   lesbians & gays are 90% of the time a result of a critical break in identity to the father.    men who dont connect with their fathers, thru positive affection & reinforcement often ‘break’ and seek male ‘love’ which is perverted & stupid.  women are the same.  if they feel rejected by their father, dont feel beautiful, like the princess, adored by daddy, they often ‘break’ also and reject male affection as women and seek the ‘safety’ of a female.   sad, stupid  & perverted.  and attack me all you want, but it is all TRUE.  it is totally not genetic as science has shown.  it is emotional, environmental, developmental.  it is tragic.  oh hey, whatever happened to that “lesbian” who was “ellen’s wife” – oh that’s right, she’s not a lesbian anymore.  huh, that’s weird.
    but you IDIOTS at ‘cocoafab’ are dumb perverts pushing the destruction of healthy procreative families as you ‘congrat’ perverts for celebrating their depravity & dead-end lifestyle.     you people are sick & dumb.
    now, on cue, call me a ‘bigot’ and ‘homophobe’ —- go on, call me names!   go on, you predictable pathetic drones.    oh, i know, it’s cool to be gay.  it’s hip.  it’s free.   it’s whatever you want.  oh so never mind that the Lord God who created the heavens & earth & mankind condemns it, and will never accept it or bless it.?

    • JoshHarris

      JohnHask1  after you say things like idiotic perverted stupid you dare to call other people drones? worshiping god is the ultimate game of follow the leader…predictable…pfffft

  2. Irish Lady

    Oh how the morals of America are crumbling! Doesn’t anyone read the GOOD BOOK anymore?  So much of the activity of now was like Sodam when He destroyed it and people were instructed “not to look back” Is this not familiar reading, if not get out the Bible and read it.  Oh i know some will curse me, some will say I’m not of that religion, I’m a Buddist, Muslim follower or anything else CHRISTIAN Americans are hiding behind. Please believe me the times will change and you’ll wish you had read the right BOOK.  I’m Heaven Bound, are you with me?

    • Mahunashizzle

      Irish Lady Why did you click on this link to read the article if you’re so enthralled with the Good book.. Just read that over and over and you’ll be happy.

      • Irish Lady

        Mahunashizzle Irish Lady  A well rounded mind reads different kinds of literature, news and articles you have to keep up with all the things we should know about It doesn’t mean you have to AGREE with ALL you read and believe all you see EXCEPT the RIGHT THINGS that God has given all of us minds to do so


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