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Mom to Daughter: 'No Playing Outside, You'll Get Too Dark'

Written by Demetria Irwin
Posted 12/23/12

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One mom on Toddlers and Tiaras is causing quite a stir because she won’t let her three-year-old play outside for fear that the little girl will get darker. My people, my people. The poor child presses her face against the window as she watches her brothers play outside like normal kids.

Mom wants the little girl to maintain her “natural golden skin tone.” The Mother-of-the-Year candidate says “She has to stay inside, so she follows the proper protocol.”

Kids are little sponges at three years old. Just imagine what kind of damage is being done to this child’s self-esteem and ideas about beauty standards. And what about the little boys? What kind of characteristics will they prioritize when they start looking for mates?

Such a shame. We know better. Let’s do better.

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