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MORE SHADE! K. Michelle Wages War Against Tamar Braxton…Again!

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It looks like there will be no Love After War between Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle. 

The constantly feuding singer slash reality stars are back to beefing after a short-livd cease fire.

Last week, K tried to bury the hatchet by tweeting sweet words about Tamar’s album, but after being dissed and dismissed by the Tamar & Vince star over the airwaves, she’s angry again.

“Hmmmmmm. I’m really just trying to stay positive and live my life. I bought the album 2supprt her and everything. I don’t get it. But I’m the bully,” she posted. “You keep throwing rocks at me and then u run and hide behind Vince’s man boobs! U not above getting checked shady boots!”

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is back to blasting Toni’s little sister and is once again accusing her of buying her own album to boost sales.

“Don’t worry about my album sales, worry about finding ur original face! My sales are REAL, nothing political ALL HARD WORK,” “Humble yourself! You bout SEVERAL of those albums. I sold over a 100,000 albums 2, just 4 days after u. SHE is not winning like SHE thinks.”

POLL: Whose side are you on?

8 Responses to “MORE SHADE! K. Michelle Wages War Against Tamar Braxton…Again!”

  1. better ourselves

    I love the enthusiasm about those two…
    I’ve actually done the REAL research & as much as the media want to sell those two, WE the people are speaking & figures NEVER lie.
    Once we get past the 1st week hype (And maybe a little help for the little sister: because as she very idiotically said herself “If you heard it, then it is!”), we’ll see what people think…
    None of those 2 will sell more than 200.000 copies at the end of the road (look at the trends, figures don’t lie) which is VERY average for women & in the low half for R&B in general.
    I’m sorry: 200000 copies (The 100000 smoke + the cents) is good compared to the nothing she sold of her first album (that she graciously & courageously DENIED as her own: maybe that was me singing in my sleep) BUT it doesn’t make it ANY great.
    And for the other one: it’s her first album, so same here! And she actually didn’t benefit from the superstar OVER-treatment her alter-ego (be honest, they sound the EXACT same + a little autotune) got without having done or deserved nothing.
    But still, at the end of the day, figures don’t matter much, quality does. And here again: WHO can honestly tell me that they will remember ANY of those songs in 2 years? (I’m generous)
    i honestly don’t understand how most critics (Vince’s friends maybe) can tell you: Oh, 3 songs are good, the rest is medium to low quality. But they STILL give it a good review.
    Here we are people, here we are! Ever asked yourself why after all that praise, you still read comments from people everywhere saying: we’ve settled for mediocre in the music industry? There you have it!
    And BTW, music aside: NEITHER of those women are good examples for ANY child NOWHERE. So can the media PLEASE stop with the nonsense? THANK YOU
    I’m sorry it’s a bit long but I’m just tired of it.

  2. better ourselves

    They’re so in the same business that they don’t even realize it but: the only thing anyone has to say about Tamar is K Michelle, &  the only thing they have to say about K Michelle is Tamar.
    I mean, just LOOK at Janelle Monae… Are they in the same business, hell are they even in the same world?


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