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Mouthing Off #3: Do You Want Phaedra’s Donkey Booty or Kenya’s Stallion Booty

With all the controversy swirling around on the Real Housewives of Atlanta since Kenya Moore’s bootlegging of Phaedra Parks and hubby Apollo’s workout concept on last week’s episode, CocoaFab ATL Correspondent Rita Davis hit chic boutique Fab’rik to get to the bottom of whether a donkey booty or stallion booty is what women really want.

Host: Rita K. Davis @RitasRadar

Executive Producers: Angela Burt-Murray @AngelaBMurray; Shelly Jones Jennings @SJonesJ

Videographer: Necorey Johnson

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3 Responses to “Mouthing Off #3: Do You Want Phaedra’s Donkey Booty or Kenya’s Stallion Booty”

  1. Pianki

    I could not tell if any of them had receive “Tire Fix a- Flat” injections.

  2. elizabethgilbert97

    i dont think its really about donky or stallion its about phadrae and kendra most people like phaedra over kendras shot up ass and the fact that kendra was going to do the donky bootie video and she willing and happy but when she came up with the back end deal without discussing that upfront which was not professional pheadra had every right to turn it down that was a so called shady move on kendras part


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