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EXCLUSIVE: Mushiya from ‘Cutting it in the ATL’ Talks Show Drama and Hair Trauma

CocoaFab’s, Rita K. Davis, caught up with WeTv’s Cutting It In The ATL‘s star Mushiya Tshikuka for a very candid interview.  With so many reality shows being created there are numerous of reasons that those willing to participate decide to jump on what some call a trainwreck.  Definitely a force to be reckoned with, Mushiya shares why she decided to move full force ahead with the new breakout show that’s pulling in over a million viewers weekly! She also talks about why it’s #TeamNatural against everyone else!  Stay tuned for part two as she dishes on her co-stars!

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2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Mushiya from ‘Cutting it in the ATL’ Talks Show Drama and Hair Trauma”

  1. Stylish21

    Mushiya is the most favorable cast member.  She has a good sense of business and is very qualified to hold it down with her common sense.  I love her demeanor because she makes the others seem like they only want to make money, she makes the styles pop, her personality shines and she appears to be doing just fine in her salon business.  Also why do you have that short haired hardcore women on the show? She has no clients, I’ve only seen one person in her salon, does she have any clients at all, because all I see is her big mouth and trying to start fights with everyone. she needs to be put off the show.


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