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Nene Leakes Covers POSE Magazine: 'I Am Older And Wiser'

nene leakes

Nene Leakes is gracing the cover of Pose Magazine and speaking out about lessons learned during her time as a reality TV veteran.

“I am older and wiser. I know so much more now that I didn’t know when I came into this world. I feel I have gotten better. I feel my life has changed for the better,” she said.

“I do think that being real can come off as being harsh. I have to always think before I say things because I am a straight shooter. I don’t think it is being mean. I think it’s the delivery that makes it mean. Sometimes I just shoot and move on. I don’t really know any other way to do it, but I am learning that sometimes everything doesn’t need to be said.”

According to nene, she’s a lot more authentic than some of her Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates.

“A lot of these girls come on the show and create a show that is in their head. I come on the show and I play NeNe because it’s a reality show. These other girls come on as characters,” she said.

“If you ask me to be real, I am going to be real and you may not like it. Be sure you want to ask me because I am going to tell you.”

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