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NeNe Leakes On Bridesmaids’ Bad Behavior: “I Couldn’t Believe It!”

nene & marlo

NeNe Leakes is still reeling from her whirlwind wedding and speaking out about her bridesmaids’ bad behavior.

The star-studded bridal party had more than one mishap during her renuptials to Gregg Leakes and left the reality star wondering is she chose some bad apples.

“My bridesmaids, I have nine Bridesmaid-zilla’s, as I like to call them. Some of them you know, some of them you don’t know. Cynthia Bailey who is a Real Housewife of Atlanta is one of my bridesmaids and we have Marlo who reoccured on our show, and then we have Laura Govan from Basketball Wives, Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives. Then we have my good girl friends who I have been knowing for fifteen and twenty years,” she told OK!

“Just putting all nine of these women from different states, they are from Atlanta, New York, and L.A, they have personalities, some of them are divas, some are not,” she says. “But the majority of them forgot that it was called bridesmaid, and at the end of the word bride, there is a maid, which means you help the damn bride. So a lot of them forgot the word bride and were focusing on themselves.”

Gregg and his guys had a much easier time than the ladies.

Well the guys were like amazingly easy compared to the girls, they would take whatever tux and whatever shoe and the girls were just full of drama and other stuff,” she says. “The guys were just amazing when it came down to wearing whatever.”

For me, it was hard, because all of these girls are my friends. So it’s really hard for me to step in between them because we are all friends,” she admits. “If I say something to one, the other one says I’m taking sides. So that was really hard for me.”

While we finally get to see the drama unfolding on I Dream of Nene: The Wedding, some of the backlash is still at play, especially with her wacky wedding planner, Tiffany Cooke. 

“I felt like when I was out here trying to do my wedding, there are so many people out to get you as a bride. You spend so much money, everybody is charging you for everything,”she says. “I would have to say one of the things would be make sure you investigate your wedding planner, make sure they bring you all of their stuff, pictures and stuff like that.”

Nene admits she struggled with the fallout from her bridesmaids’ battles.

“That is a lot to take for anybody. It was overwhelming and a lot for me to take to the point that I need to take a step back from some of those girls. It has definitely affected our relationship, them being bridesmaids for me affected our relationships because I did not know some of them would act the way they did,” she reveals. “Yeah they complained about everything.  I couldn’t believe it either, I really couldn’t.’

According to Nene, a few of her friends didn’t let her down, while others were focused solely on themselves.

“Cynthia is really sweet, really laid back. She was one of my easier bridesmaids,” she says.

“Most of their duties were focusing on themselves. So they were not these amazing, helpful bridesmaids that I wish they had been. But there were a few girls who were really helpful to me.”

Cynthia wasn’t the official Maid of Honor, but she resumed some of the role’s traditional duties.

“I didn’t have a maid of honor because I thought that was putting too much pressure on me, because everyone thought they should have been a maid of honor, but I had one of my girlfriends who I felt was closest to me, stand the closest to me and hold my bouquet, and stuff like that.”

Unfortunately, Nene didn’t have much luck in the wedding planner department and now she’s being sued for unpaid bills and slander.

“Wedding planners are very important and they need to be someone you really see eye to eye with, because the last thing you need is for your wedding planner to be bringing stress to you,” she warns. “They are supposed to help to relieve stress.”

Nene has certainly learned from her mistakes.

“You need to be on the same page. Some of these wedding planners think they are the bride, you have to be like okay hold on, I am the bride, you are the wedding planner. So you need to find someone you connect with,” she says.

“They also need to have already done the style of wedding that you currently want. They have to have already done that wedding before for me, because it requires a lot to put on weddings with themes. My wedding had a theme, my theme was Old Hollywood Glam. So I wanted everything beautiful, fabulous, and over the top.”

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