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Nene Leakes: Recast RHOA or she’s done!

Tenured peach, Nene Leakes is done with the Real Housewives of Atlanta if Bravo isn’t ready to heed to her demands. We thought Leakes was more than satisfied in getting her spin-off show with Kim Zolciak as well as a major raise to incentivize her to come back for season eight. However, Leakes has been more outspoken than usual about the fact that she despises filming with her cast mates who are “so damn negative.”

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In an US Magazine exclusive video Leakes basically says if Bravo doesn’t recast more agreeable girls that will bow down to her (I.e Cynthia season 3-5) then she’s out. “I would be happy to come back if we could find the right girls. If the show stays this way, I can’t see myself doing it…who wants to work in a stressful environment?”

Who exactly are the “right” type of girls? Reality shows have now become many peoples claim to fame; the more headlines you can make the better. Needless to say new peach Claudia Jordan, probably wasn’t Leakes’ pick. She tried to befriend Leakes all season which turned into confrontations about why they weren’t friends all season.

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Speaking of friends, the interview got messy when US asked the Broadway alumna which production she would rather star in? Kandi Burruss’ play, “A Mothers Love” or Kenya Moore’s tv show, “Life Twirls On”?  “I would love to say neither,” NeNe sighed. “But… A Mother’s Love. I know how much [Kandi] hates me, so I would definitely outshine the sh*t out of her in her own play!”

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When she wasn’t throwing shade, Leakes clarifies that what she really wants is for the show to be less about drama and more about having a good time. “There’s some fun girls in this group,” NeNe admitted. “Can we pull up sometimes and laugh?” We’re not sure who would want to watch a season of RHOA that wasn’t filled with drama and second hand gossip but we’re definitely keeping our eyes open for a cast shakedown for RHOA Season 8!

Catch part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season seven reunion on Sunday, May 3 at 8pm only on Bravo! And watch Nene’s shady new interview below!

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