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BAM! Nene Leakes Tells All On One-On-One Special, Says “Sheree Is Super Evil!”


It’s official.  Nene Leakes is the Queen Bee of all Housewives, as evidenced by her one-hour special with Andy Cohen on Sunday night.

The reality TV star turned real TV star spilled the dirty details behind her rise to fame, her new life in Hollywood and how she feels about her costars.

Here, ten things we learned from Nene’s tell-all interview.

Who’s the boss? “I’m the star.  I’m the boss.  Absolutely,” she says. “Is there anybody else? I am definitely it.  I think when people think of Atlanta Housewives, they think of NeNe Leakes.”

She recruited the rest of the ladies. NeNe reveals that she referred all of the original cast members to the show and originally considered it another acting gig.I was acting before I was in the reality world, you just didn’t know me.”

The truth about Kim. NeNe coyly admits to choking Kim Zolciak in the van.  “Something happened and everyone came out alright.” While she says she wishes her former friend the best, a real reconciliation is highly unlikely. She revealed the two had a heart to heart after the reunion aired, but she’s scared to reconnect for real. “I want to trust her but it’s hard for me.”

She was sad to see Kim go. Never wanted to watch Don’t Be Tardy and has never met her two sons.  She has only met Kroy only once, on the same night he met Kim. Still, she was sad to see her leave the show earlier in the season. “I just didn’t want to see her leave,” she said.  “I wanted her to stay and fight with me.”

She really despises Sheree. “She is the one person I will never have anything else to do with,” she says. “I think Sheree is very evil, I think she’s very mean and she is a true bitch.” After explaining that the former friends actually started feuding before filming for the first season began, their troubles lasted until Sheree’s departure.“ Sheree wasn’t a good friend.  She’s super evil.  There are a lot of things that happened. Sheree brought a lot of negative energy to the cast.”

She has some regrets.  “I hate that I ever told you guys about Sheree,” she says. “I think she’s not a grateful person.  She feels very entitled.  She was the wrong referral.  I take it back.”  NeNe also regrets some style choices from early on in the show. “I looked a hot diggity dog mess!”

She really dislikes Kordell. I did feel that Porsha needed to leave the show because I felt like Porsha and Kordell were not being real enough,” she says of her “replacement” comment at the reunion. “He had already stopped her from saying and doing stuff. He was holding her back. Now that Kordell has filed for divorce, she should come on back. Porsha should come back and be Porsha.  He was stopping that.”

She’s on Team Porsha. Although she admitted she wanted Porsha off the show, the two have become extremely close.I text her all day, every day.  I try to lift her up and give her words of encouragement because it is hard to break up and the way Kordell did it was very cruel to me.” Now, the Queen bee is singing the newbies praises. “Porsha has a big personality, she’s very talkative, she has a lot to say and she has a lot of life inside of her. I want her to grow and I want her to just live her dreams.”

She thinks Phaedra is funny. Although she’s a little disgusted by Phaedra and Apollo’s public displays of affection, she says she has finally seen a side of the lawyer she can connect with.  “I felt Phaedra was funny as hell. I thought Phaedra read. I loved it.  I thought it was hilarious.” It turns out she prefers the outspoken attorney hat to the phony-bologna Southern belle personal she sometimes projects.

She’s staying put.  While NeNe acknowledges that she can’t stay a Housewife forever, she seems hell bent on bowing out gracefully when the time comes.  Still, she’s not in too much of a rush. “I feel like I’ve grown and I’m at a different place.  I wanna do it the right way,” she says.  I feel like some of the other girls are not growing at the same speed.  A lot of them grow slowly…but I will be around for as long as you guys will have me.”

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