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New Ish! Rihanna Releases Emotional Video for “Stay”

Written by Amy Elisa Keith
Posted 02/11/13

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After her emotional performance of her ballad “Stay” at this weekend’s Grammys, Rihanna released the new video for the candid song which was inspired by her relationship with Chris Brown.

“Stay” is a far cry from the high-energy dance moves of “Where Have You Been” and the swagger of “Pour It Up,” revealing a raw, more delicate side of Rihanna. Completely stripped of all the high fashion and glam that we’ve associated her with, Rihanna sits silently, bare-faced in a bubble-less tub of water.

In an interview at the Grammys, Rihanna almost downplayed the video’s impact by telling Ryan Seacrest, “The video was really, really simple. I pretty much stayed put in a bathtub.”

It’s more than simple, it’s understated beauty and sheer vulnerability. We’re very impressed.

TELL US: What do you think of the new video? Does this make you empathize with Rih and her relationship with Chris Brown?

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