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NEW SHOW ALERT: Money-Hungry Mamas Feud On ‘Mother Funders’

There’s a new batch of beauties from Georgia ready to take over reality television and they’re on a mission to raise big bucks for their children’s school.

Mother Funders will follow six women who are hell bent on getting paper and they’ll stop at nothing to capture the coin they’re looking for. These ladies take parent participation to a new level as board members of the PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) at their kids’ school but getting money isn’t their biggest problem.

They have to face the wrath of their fierce and fearless leader, Carla Stephens, who rules the school with an iron fist.

Check out Bravo’s description of the latest ladies to take over reality TV:

Carla Stephens– President
Carla Stephens is President of her Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at her son’s school and is described as the perfect blend of a Betty Crocker and a drill sergeant who rules with an iron fist. A doting wife to her husband Jesse of 17 years, and mother to her two sons Evan and Ryan, she is also a businesswoman who runs two successful companies. Always a go-getter, Carla works tirelessly to raise money and awareness for several organizations that she is passionate about. Carla loves to go out dancing with her husband, and prides herself on her cooking and poetry writing. Carla’s motto in life is “Knowing who you are will help you reject who you are not.”

Shayzon Prince– Vice President
On the PTO board for over three years, Shayzon Prince is the Vice President of the local Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and the Executive Officer of keeping the peace. Although she works full-time as a style expert and makeup artist, she manages to devote her spare time to help raise money for her children’s school. The events she puts on are the talk of the town and with a rolodex full of influencers and celebrities, the PTO’s fundraisers are the place to see and be seen. She has two children, Arlington and London and has been happily married 15 years to her husband Michael.

Amber Bryant– Honorary Volunteer
Married to a former NFL player Fernando Bryant, Amber Bryant knows how to score touchdowns as the Volunteer Coordinator of the local Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) in her community. Due to her NFL connections, Amber is well known in Atlanta’s social scene and can make one phone call to raise thousands of dollars.  Although she currently doesn’t have a child at local elementary school, Amber has been designated an honorary member due to her commitment for the school and her connections to wealthy donors. Her three year old daughter Griffin will eventually attend the school, but always the go-getter, Amber is laying the groundwork to create her own legacy at the PTO. In addition to her volunteer work, she is also a Montessori elementary school teacher and has a 13 year old stepson Fernando II and 15 year old nephew Austin that reside with her and her husband.

Robin Dyke-Volunteer Coordinator
Robin Dyke is the Volunteer Coordinator of her local Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) in Georgia. Her expertise in fundraising and marketing is a force to be reckoned with and her efforts bring in big checks and big smiles. A true Southern girl, Robin loves to socialize and enjoys the outdoors. She is wife to her husband Jason and devoted mother to her three children Kassi, Joseph and Jackson. In her spare time, Robin prides herself on her golf game and has the dream of eventually turning pro.

LaShon Thompson – Secretary
LaShon Thompson was born and raised in Atlanta now resides in the small town outside of Atlanta.  She is the secretary of the local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and is a recent addition to the very audacious group. In addition being wife to her husband TeShon, she is also mother to her children Ajah, Messiah, Domani and stepdaughter Niya. She wears many hats including being a “momager” to her kids acting and music careers,  running a successful trucking company and aspires to open up her own beauty salon and  artist management company. Although LaShon strives for her family to succeed, she is new to the PTO and has the goal of sharpening her people skills and balancing her life, marriage, children and ambitious career goals.

Amber Coulter– Volunteer
The newest addition of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO,) volunteer Amber Coulter is getting acquainted with some of the other mothers that live on her block. With her normal attire consisting of sweat pants and a t-shirt, the self-dubbed “earth mother,” is  getting adjusted to her new PTO duties that take her away from home. A devoted wife to her husband Roger and mother to their three daughters Desiree, Tristan and Dailey, Amber hopes to break out of her routine and become a lean, mean fund raising machine.

Check out the sneak peek above.

Mother Funders premieres on Bravo on June 14 at 9/8c.

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