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Nicki Minaj Unveils First Ad for Her New Fragrance

nicki minaj minajesty

Move over Beyonce’s Heat!

Nicki Minaj‘s first ad for her new fragrance, Minajesty, is here. The buxom rapper continued her streak of keeping her Barbz and Kenz in the loop as she shared the ad on her Instagram. We got a sneak peek of the campaign a few weeks ago when Minaj posted behind-the-scenes images, but now, we can ogle the finished ad. In it, Minaj stands in a vicious pink taffeta dress, in front of a throne, in the woods, arms outstretched. Her hair is over the top  and blonde, with pink accents—how perfectly Nicki!

Is it just us or doses this remind us of the Mrs. Carter World Tour promo shots?! Looks like being royalty is on trend these days.

TELL US: Will you go out and buy this fragrance?

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