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Nicki Minaj’s New Video Released Exclusively on TIDAL, Already on YouTube

When will Jay-Z throw in the towel on his latest endeavor, Tidal? If seems as if the idea was merely ten years too late for fans who seem to shun the thought of ever paying for music again with the multitude of streaming options. Did Hov forget when LimeWire and Napster broke the internet in the early 2000s? Music piracy has somewhat been contained with streaming services which still takes the need from the consumer to actually purchase the song or album because they can simply listen to it at their leisure in between a few commercials.

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Tidal has been attempting to release content exclusively on it’s site including Beyonce’s anniversary dedication song to Jay-Z, “Die With You”, as well as she and Nicki Minaj’s music video “Feeling Myself” which can be seen on YouTube or countless other blogs. Nicki Minaj has just released her latest music video for her pop single, “The Night Is Still Young“  exclusively on Tidal but GUESS WHAT? You can also watch it on Youtube or a blog!

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How will Jay-Z and his numerous celebrity partners use their wealth and influence to get a leg up in reinventing the wheel especially when Spotify has just upped the ante. In a press conference this week, the company announced that for the monthly premium cost of $9.99, users can now stream videos which will include original and rebroadcasted shows from partners including: Vice News, the BBC, NBC, E!, MTV, Comedy Central, ESPN and more.

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According to Pitchfolk, Spotify is also creating “activity-specific playlists” including “Spotify Running” which senses a runners pace and curates applicable music. Whoa! Besides Jay-Z holding private concerts for Tidal subscribers, we look forward to seeing how the mogul can find a way to win a loosing battle. Catch Nicki Minaj’s new video below.


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