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Nikko Smith Dishes Details On His Marriage To Margo Simms: 'This Was Some Secretive Sh*t'

Nikko Smith is speaking out about the shocking revelation that he is married.

According to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, he and his wife, Margo Simms, have been together for a decade and she’s totally cool with his relationship with Mimi Faust.

“I’ve been with this woman ten years. We got married in 2007. Our relationship was really strong. We decided to get married,” he told VIBE.

“In the process, our relationship fell apart, but it was a bad breakup. It was a messy breakup. We remained cool with each other. She was seeing someone else, and I was a free man. But we were separated.”

He also insists that he and his wife are separated but didn’t refute rumors that she helped him plot the sex tape release.

“When I decided to do the show, me and [my wife] wasn’t really rocking with that. But I knew I had this responsibility,” he said.

“When I decided to do the show, she came to me and said ‘I know you about to do the show, do your thing.’ She was actually with somebody in New York, that she’s still with right now.

Even though Nikko decided to put his business on blast through reality television, he didn’t think to tell Mimi the truth before the internet did.

“I made a decision not to tell her, because there was so much going on with this Stevie shit. I’m looking at it different from the way someone else may be looking at it. I was taking this to my grave. This was some secretive shit I was doing,” he said.

“I didn’t tell Mimi. I didn’t feel as that she needed to know. Going into this third season, I think I might have stretched it out a little too long. I could have sat down and told her, but I didn’t it. I didn’t do it.”

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