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No More Drama?! Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Says 'Get Ready for Change'

Tami Roman at VH1 Divas in Los Angeles (Photo Credit: Brian To/

While VH1’s Basketball Wives has been many people’s guilty reality show pleasure for the past four seasons, star Tami Roman says that fans should get ready for a major show overhaul.

“People are really going to be surprised at the approach we’re going to take this season because it’s more family oriented, not as much drama,” Roman tells CocoaFab exclusively.

After months of mounting pressure to improve the quality of the show and to stop instigating physical altercations, executive producer Shaunie O’Neal has decided to listen to the critics.

“What you’ve seen in past seasons was real, but that’s not how our lives are 98% of the time. We’re excited to show you more than just the drama,” says Roman, who is also working on a scripted show for TVOne entitled “Belle’s” alongside Elise Neal about a well-to-do black family that runs a restaurant named Belle’s.

“I’m a busy mom and I have a new show coming out and I’m focused on that,” she insists. “I’m really a loving person and you’ll see that on season five.”

After the fourth season, Shaunie O’ Neal made major changes to the cast by firing Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed, and Kesha Nichols. VH1 and Shed Media US have reportedly announced that Tasha Marbury (wife of Stephon Marbury), Brandi Garnett (wife of Kevin Garnett), Hope Alexa (Dwight Howard’s ex) will join the cast for season 5. Filming for season 5 began shooting in mid November/beginning of December in Miami.

TELL US: Do you think Basketball Wives has really changed? Will you tune in?

31 Responses to “No More Drama?! Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Says 'Get Ready for Change'”

  1. NBA Celtics Fan » Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi to join Basketball Wives show

    […] Kevin Garnett’s wife, Brandi, and former Celtic Stephon Marbury’s wife, Tasha, will be t….” I guess Shaq’s ex Shaunie O’Neal is in charge of hiring and picked Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Marbury and Dwight Howard’s ex to join the cast. As long as KG isn’t involved in the show it really shouldn’t matter. Hopefully Brandi doesn’t dish too much dirt. I’ve never watched an episode of this garbage, but every time I’m scrolling through channels and I flip through it I hear a quick sound bite of women yelling and threatening to fight each other. […]

  2. joey89924

    she has decided to listen to the critics.
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  3. Saphye12

    Shaunie is still with the drama! Dwight Howard’s ex? Isn’t he the sameone that put the gag order on Royce Reed? Shaunie throws the rocks and hide her hands! Just messy!

  4. 123shirley

    no i do not think that they will make a really big change but i am looking forward to the new season.

  5. elizabethgilbert97

    no i dont think i will watch the show shainie shoud’nt have fired  jennifer or lil royce  they were both ousted shaunie is so messy


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