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Oh You Got Jokes! Kevin Hart Covers Ebony Magazine’s Comedy Issue

Kevin Hart is on a roll! And his success train shows no signs of stopping. Not only did he just host “Saturday Night Live”, but now he’s on the cover of the April issue of Ebony Magazine.

“Regardless of how much I joke and play around, my family and my lady don’t respect that about me,” the increasingly busy actor and comedian says. “I’m serious, because I’m responsible for their well-being. I take that very serious. When it comes time to get naked, I’m serious there, too.”

He also opens up about the lessons he’s learned the hard way in his 32 years of living.

“When I was married, I definitely went through a lying period,” the divorced father of two tells the magazine. “I just turned into a liar, but you learn from your mistakes. Being that guy once upon a time has helped me develop into the man I am now, and I approach relationships in a completely different manner.”

Well, the man that Hart is now is a man who hosted the MTV Video Music Awards last year, is starring on the BET spoof “Real Husbands of Hollywood”, and has at least three films in the pipeline, including Grudge Match with Robert De Niro (whom we bet will appreciate Hart’s serious side).

As for his first love, comedy, Hart abides by a few rules when he’s doing stand-up. First off, he never talks about politics.

“I’m afraid of the government,” he says. “I watched Enemy of the State. That movie scared the s–t out of me. I keep my mouth shut.”

And, he never cracks gay jokes “at all.”

“The repercussions for saying certain words are harsh, and careers have been shut down,” Hart explains. “I can understand how people could be affected by certain words and slurs. I get it. My way of showing respect is to not play around with it, not mention it, not joke with it at all. I understand how serious it is.”

Sounds like another reason why Hart will continue to bask in the success and respect from his peers. Read more in the April issue of Ebony on stands in mid-March. And if you haven’t picked up the March issue featuring Kerry Washington, get on that!

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