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Ouch! Miguel’s Billboard Awards Jump Failed, Fan Is OK!

Miguel 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Get those girls some Advil and comp their hotel stay!

Miguel shocked everyone during the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday May 19, when he accidentally landed on two fans during his performance. But the singer is taking to Twitter to assure fans that despite the alarming moment, no one is badly injured.

He’s is really lucky that no one was seriously hurt when he decided to leap into the crowd while singing his hit song “Adorn”. What was supposed to be a crowd surfing moment or perhaps he was trying to jump from one part of the stage to another, turned into a live-television nightmare. Not to mention an instant Twitter firestorm and YouTube upload.

Miguel landed on a fan’s neck and another fan’s head during his performance and everyone was watching it on repeat. It was incredibly shocking and one of the women looked as though her head slammed back onto the stage and the other woman grabbed her head in pain. It was painful to watch. Sadly, this is not the first time he’s fallen on stage during a performance. Ouch.

But Miguel took to Twitter to say: “got caught up in moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay.” Phew, we’re glad to hear she’s not hurt but let’s hope he learned a valuable lesson on what not to do during a live performance!

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